5 good reasons to join Emotion Revolution


It´s the first time Steven Hayes, Paul Gilbert, Diana Fosha, Janina Fisher, Allan Abbass and Leslie Greenberg meet to discuss psychotherapy.

On the day before the conference, the keynotes will meet for a round-table discussion, where they will search for common ground and knowledge gaps that might give rise to a new platform from where our field can take new steps. These are six brilliant minds who we believe together will produce novelty that is bigger than the sum of the pieces.


Meet up with colleagues in an atmosphere of innovation, and (r)evolution.

Our goal is to provide a setting and an atmosphere where psychotherapists around the world build connections and start working together across borders and approaches. We truly believe in change, both in terms of aiding those who seek help, but also in evolving as psychotherapists. We would love your contribution!


Experience a six-dimensional perspective on emotions in psychotherapy.

Six different approaches to working with emotions: should you reduce defenses, build up acceptance, provide the client with a deeper understanding, arouse other more helpful emotions, promote compassion or work on bodily felt signals. And when do you do what?


Practice your skills at the post-conference with the keynote of choice.

All of the keynotes will do a full day in-depth training on Friday 20th, the day after the conference. A unique opportunity to learn directly from the developers and front figures of each approach. The focus will be on skill training that adds to your existing psychotherapeutic toolbox.


Watch psychotherapy history unfold before your eyes.

In the 70’s, a number of scholars who had a coinciding interest in how cognitions could mediate and influence affect and experience met in search of common ground1,2. This meeting was part of the fruitful cognitive revolution in the field of psychotherapy. In April 2018, a group of scholars will meet in Bergen, Norway. They are all particularly interested in how emotion plays a key role in psychotherapeutic change. We believe this seminal meeting will spark a forespoken and needed change – the Emotion Revolution. Let us not just talk about it!

  1. Dobson & Dozois, 2010: https://www.guilford.com/excerpts/dobson.pdf
  2. Beck, 2007: http://www.rebtnetwork.org/library/personalreflections.html

Keynote speakers

Leslie Greenberg

Dr. Leslie Greenberg is one of the originators and primary developers of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) for individuals and couples. You can watch a short interview with him here:

Allan Abbass

Dr. Allan Abbass is the founding Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Dr. Abbass’s clinical specialty and research focus is the use of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), particularly on how unprocessed emotion plays a part in medically unexplained physical symptoms. You can watch an interview with him here:

Diana Fosha

Dr. Diana Fosha is the developer of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a healing-based, transformation-oriented model of psychotherapeutic treatment. You can watch an interview with her here:

Paul Gilbert

Dr. Paul Gilbert is the founder of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), an approach that focuses on building an emotionally healthier relationship with oneself. You can watch an interview with him here:

Janina Fisher

Dr. Janina Fisher is a faculty member of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. She is well known for her expertise as both a therapist and speaker on the topic of trauma and the body in psychotherapy.
You can watch a short interview with her here:

Steven Hayes

Dr. Steven Hayes is renown for his work on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a third-wave cognitive-behavior therapy which focuses on relating to and accepting ones emotions. You can watch his TED-talk here:

“For many years you have talked about me. Behind my back. Over my head. Shouting at me. At times you haven’t even acknowledged my existence, and never have you truly listened to me. I want this to change. I need you to be with me. Sit down with me, and take me seriously. Stay with me long enough for me to tell you about my deepest longings and my heartfelt needs. If you do, I will fuel your voice in the world with magic power and create human connections for you. If you won’t, I will likely cause hell. It’s up to you! I am emotion.”